HRH Princess Deirdre of Amber

Deirdre, Princess of Amber, daughter of Faiella, younger sister to Eric and Corwin. Child of Fate, but not its pawn.

She is the head of the Moon Court, and has sought to make her people stronger, and outshine the sun. The Court has been heavily involved in matters involving New Lyonesse, and as such has gained much admiration from the refuges there.

Deirdre was a frequent presence at court during Julian's reign, but this has decreased slightly since Benedict's taking of the throne. She was part of a coupe against Benedict, joined by her full-blooded siblings. The success was short lived, though she and Eric did make off with Oberon's Throne.

She also was responsible for the creation of the Silver Rift, alongside Corwin. She's something of a ghost now, but her presence is still asserting itself despite this.

Some would say she's gone around the bend. But anyone that knows the Princess well is aware that Deirdre rarely does anything without reason.

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